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Chicago Hosts 18 Recipes From 5 Continents 

Leave it to Creative Director, Grant Achatz and Executive Chef, Jenner Tomaska of the Alinea Group to re-direct all eyes back to Chicago taking center stage as the mecca of creativity and modern gastronomy. They’ve been doing this for years.

The power of nature and science across multiple continents suddenly becomes coherent and accessible via one really badass tasting menu in Chicago. What a brilliant idea and the perfect vessel through the innovative Next Restaurant.  Next is the “butterfly” of fine dining in that it’s ever changing and elusive. We can’t quite get our hands around what they are doing because as soon as we think we know their style, they switch it up and blow our minds.  Next Restaurant transcends any rating agencies or coveted restaurant lists.

Rock Star Executive Chef, Jenner Tomaska was tasked with curating a “World’s 50 Best” Menu paying homage to all of the best chefs from five continents as well as the William Reed brand out of London that hosts the World’s 50 Best list and brand.

Participating chefs were more than willing to share recipes, source ingredients, send Youtube tutorials, mail seeds and even provide serving dishes to ensure the precise execution of each dish. This menu is available between Aug 23 – Dec 31, 2017! Get your tickets here or join the season tickets group here to try to swap out.

We are pleased to introduce the 18 chef-collaborators from across the globe who contributed to the menu the night that we visited. We’ve listed them by their World’s 50 Best Restaurant ranking for 2017.  The menu and contributors are expected to change slightly over the duration depending upon sourcing and availability of ingredients.

No. 01 ranked Daniel Humm of Eleven Madison Park, New York City
No. 02 ranked Massimo Bottura of Osteria Francescana, Modena
No. 04 Mauro Colagreco of Restaurant Mirazur, Mirazur
No. 05 ranked Virgilio Martinez of Central Restaurant, Lima
No. 09 ranked Andoni Luis Aduriz of Mugaritz, San Sebastian
No. 11 ranked Dan Barber of Blue Hill at Stone Barns, Pocantico Hills
No. 14 ranked André Chiang of Restaurant André, Singapore
No. 19 ranked Rasmus Kofoed of Geranium, Copenhagen
No. 21 ranked Grant Achatz of Alinea, Chicago
No. 22 ranked Jorge Vallejo of Quintonil, Mexico City
No. 32 ranked Ben Shewry of Attica, Melbourne
No. 34 ranked Jonnie Boer of De Librije, Nederlands
No. 39 ranked Christian Puglisi of Relae, Copenhagen
No. 48 ranked Tim Raue of Restaurant Tim Raue, Berlin
No. 62 Quique Dacosta of Quique Dacosta, Denia
No. 66 ranked Ignacio Mattos of Estela, New York City
Rene Rene Redzepi of Noma (remodel status), Copenhagen (No. 05 W50B 2016)
Jenner Tomaska of Next, Chicago

Our Experience

 We asked our Captain (server), Jordan how the idea for this menu was born.  He responded, “While I don’t wear a white coat, I can say that flavors are like musical notes, we’ve heard them all, so now it’s about combinations.”  What an eloquent response. Indeed this menu was flavor-combination heavy.

Enhanced Experience

It’s imperative to order the non-alcoholic pairing as well as encourage at least one other guest in your party to order the wine pairing so you can share the two.  If you’re dining alone and you have to choose, then go with the non-alcoholic pairing.  The liquid flavors change the food in such a beautiful way that we got to experience each dish in three variations.  (1) alone, (2) with the wine pairing and (3) with the house-made elixirs and juices.  In actuality, we experienced a 54 course tasting (18 bites x 3 variations).

Specific Dishes
‘Rose’ with apple and pomegranate.
Quique Dacosta (Quique Dacosta, Denia)
Prepared by: Jenner Tomaska (Next, Chicago)
‘Jerusalem Artichoke’ with walnut & rye.
Rasmus Kofoed (Geranium, Copenhagen)
Prepared by: Jenner Tomaska (Next, Chicago)
‘An Oyster’s Frozen Kiss’ with radish flower.
Andoni Aduriz (Mugaritz, Errentería, Spain)
Prepared by: Jenner Tomaska (Next, Chicago)
 ‘Eggs Benedict’  with caviar, asparagus, cubed ham and english muffin.Daniel Humm (Eleven Madison Park, New York City)
Prepared by: Jenner Tomaska (Next, Chicago)
 ‘Marine Soil’ with sea urchin, jicama, razor clam, goat cheese foam. Virgilio Martinez Veliz (Central, Lima)
Prepared by: Jenner Tomaska (Next, Chicago)
‘Squid’ bagna caude, artichoke, lemon, thyme.
Mauro Colagreco (Restaurant MirazurMirazur)
‘King Crab’ with 30-day fermented Hen yolk
Rene Rene Redzepi (Noma, Copenhagen)
Prepared by: Jenner Tomaska (Next, Chicago)
‘Tartare’ of bison, pickled elderberry and sunchoke.
Ignacio Mattos (Estela, New York City)
Prepared by: Jenner Tomaska (Next, Chicago)
‘Badger Flame Beet’ crispier and sweeter than the typical beet.
Dan Barber (Blue Hill, New York City)
Prepared by: Jenner Tomaska (Next, Chicago)
‘Riso Cacio e Pepe’ parmigiano reggiano bursting with deep rich flavor. by: Massimo Bottura (Osteria Francescana, Modena)
Prepared by: Jenner Tomaska (Next, Chicago)
‘Langoustine’ with wasabi, mango and Thai vinaigrette.
Tim Raue (Restaurant Tim Raue, Berlin)
Prepared by: Jenner Tomaska (Next, Chicago)
‘Monkfish’ with aubergine
Jonnie Boer (De Librije, Zwolle, Netherlands)
Prepared by: Jenner Tomaska (Next, Chicago)
“Vuelve a la Vida’ scallops, beef tongue, salsa bruja.
Jorge Vallejo (Quintonil, Mexico City)
Prepared by: Jenner Tomaska (Next, Chicago)
‘All Parts of the Pumpkin’  seeds, flesh, aged cheddar, sour beer.
Ben Shewry (Attica, Ripponlea, Melbourne)
Prepared by: Jenner Tomaska (Next, Chicago)
‘Squab’ smoky squab, currant, red wine elixir, lavender.
Jenner Tomaska (Next Restaurant, Chicago)
Prepared by: Jenner Tomaska (Next, Chicago)
‘Memory’ foie gras, black truffle and chives.
André Chiang (André, Singapore)
Prepared by: Jenner Tomaska (Next, Chicago)
‘Apples’ Chanterelles, Granite
Christian Puglisi (Relae, Copenhagen)
Prepared by: Jenner Tomaska (Next, Chicago)
‘Chocolate’ blueberry, yogurt, molasses balls.
Grant Achatz (The Alinea Group, Chicago)

Prepared by: Jenner Tomaska (Next, Chicago)

 The Next Restaurant Kitchen crushed this menu!  Outstanding presentation, service, pacing, coherence, flavor, pairings and evening! You too can access this favorite meal of all time. With two plane tickets to Chicago and a couple hundred bucks for dinner, why not taste the entire world? It’s going to be hard to top this.


953 W. Fulton Market, Chicago


We held season tickets to Next Restaurant between 2013 – 2015 and upon relocating to Nashville, chose not renew our tickets. Our current strategy is to buy reservations on a one-off basis using the TocTix system.  While we are forever fans of The Alinea Group, our focus as travel-food bloggers has shifted to global dining across the USA, Europe, Australia, Africa and South America.  We make it a point to go back at least once a year.  We would highly encourage season tickets to get the full experience.

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  1. What an amazing tasting menu! I’ll have to come back to Next when I make another culinary trip to Chicago. When I was there in November of 2016, Next was doing a recreation of The French Laundry circa 1996 (though highlights from other years were included). I loved that meal, and the dinner was a wonderful homage to Thomas Keller’s vast influence on Grant Achatz. And how sweet it was to see a bit of Napa Valley magic transported to the heart of Chicago! 🙂

    1. We couldn’t agree more that it’s entirely magical to transport experiences to Chicago opposed to having to venture out into the world to discover those treasures. Although, we do like roaming about doing firsthand research! We adjusted our photo sizing, did you notice an improvement for pics imbedded into the memoirs? Thanks for reading our thoughts and sharing your own. We sure hope more people get to enjoy this luxurious tasting menu of dishes from the best chefs across 5 continents. It’s worth the spend and worth the visit to Next Restaurant in Chicago!

      1. Yes, I think the pics are showing up slightly better now. However, I’ll just stick to your Instagram for the full versions and come here for the details on the whole experience!

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