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When you realize that CEOs, Founders, Authority Figures and Leaders are just regular people and you stop assigning special rank or power to them, you quickly realize you are just as qualified to take a seat at the table.  Elevate yourself, not them. Partner, don't subordinate.  Ask for help when you need it, admit what you don't know, delegate, but whatever you do, never give up your power to control outcomes, direct people and oversee projects.


Erin's recommendation and discussion with Brent Hyams (Entertainment Executive Cannery Music Row) solidified the decision to hire my position into a company worth over a billion dollars.

Tyler Key
Professional Artist, Business Development Cannery Music Row

Erin has been a great inspiration on my journey. She provided great advice on the steps to take to start a drone photography business. She got me to think in the business mindset. She pushed me out of my comfort zone.

Josh Ashburn
Engineer, IBEX Mercado


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4 Replies to “My Quotes”

  1. Erin has been a great inspiration on my journey. She has provided great advice on the steps I would need to take to start a drone photography business. She got me to think in the business mindset and to use rational thought at every cross road. She pushed me out of comfort zone by getting me involved in the Nashville Bitcoin scene. This led me to finally find a burning passion that I never knew I had. Now I’m taking the steps to starting my own meetup in my hometown and making connections with multiple Bitcoin companies.

    1. It was great meeting you and getting the ball rolling! I’m so happy to hear you’re trending in the right direction and developing your business ideas while following your true passions. So awesome! Let’s keep in touch. I want to say I knew you way back when. Thank for you your kind words, your comment really made my day Josh!

  2. What ever happened to your stance on Bitcoin? I seen you did that interview with TechTimes on cybercurrency before it tanked. Where are you now, still bullish?

    1. My position is still bullish. A long-term buy and hold strategy like most of my endeavors. Time in the market, not timing the market. Did you see the new Bitcoin ETF’s that launched? The “myth” is quickly catching on and bitcoin is becoming a true alternative asset class as part of the cognitive revolution – it’s am amazing time to be alive – pain in growth and paradigm shift. It’s fun to sit back and watch and hope for the best. A gamble I’m willing to take my friend! Be well.

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