Bitcoin in the Beauty Business, Leading Beauty Entrepreneur Erin Woodward Is Embracing Modern Technology by Embracing Cryptocurrency

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Author: Tyler Penske

Original Interview: Kivo Daily

We live in an ever-evolving technological world. As times shift, businesses must advance their skills and practices to embrace new things, and no one knows that better than serial entrepreneur and businesswoman Erin Woodward. Woodward has successfully started three small businesses in seven years and knows from her own experience that staying ahead of the rest is an integral part of reaching and sustaining success. Always embracing the latest technologies and methods in the industry has been an element that has made Woodward’s businesses stand out and reach more people.

Woodward has established herself as a leading entrepreneur with three different lines of business, all of which have shown remarkable growth. Her drive to be the best in the beauty industry and truly provide an option to help people better themselves and how they feel about their bodies stems from her own years-long personal journey to find trustworthy methods that work. Realizing there was a lack of effective options available, she found a way to fill this need and built her businesses on providing the highest quality beauty services possible.

Embracing the cutting-edge technology of medical and beauty advancements along with navigating the fierce business world is always part of Woodward’s strategy. This is apparent in the line of business she has established. She is the president and co-founder of a medical toxicology lab and founded Platinum Sculpt CoolSculpting, the only specialized CoolSculpting boutique in Kentucky, Tennessee, and Indiana. Additionally, Woodward opened a second specialty beauty business, HydraFacial BG, offering noninvasive hydra facials, empowering people to take advantage of the latest noninvasive approaches of transforming their bodies to feel beautiful inside and out.

One component of embracing the most modern techniques and business practices means accepting different forms of payment. Woodward has a background in finance and always strives to make business decisions that align with financial freedom and wants to help set other generations up for success in this realm. As such, diversification is something she has always looked for in her own portfolio. Because of this, she understands the draw and necessity of accepting alternate forms of payment, other than simply cash or credit. To accommodate more patients who may have different forms of income and ways they store disposable income, her businesses accept Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency—once an investment option that only the start-up Silicon Valley-type mindsets and risk-willing investors were getting involved with. Bitcoin has become far more mainstream in recent years, with celebrities and big money names like Elon Musk, Jack Dorsey, and the like getting involved. Woodward acknowledges that Bitcoin is becoming a widely viable form of currency and welcomes the opportunity to expand and reach more clients through Bitcoin.

In the beauty business, Bitcoin is still something many service providers and establishments are wary of. Woodward does not take that approach. Several early investors in cryptocurrency have substantial wealth built up. Others have used it as a place to store savings or earn disposable income, and Woodward wants those people who have chosen to use cryptocurrency to access the services her business provides and has expanded to accept Bitcoin as a form of payment. Cryptocurrency is not yet widely accepted in the beauty industry as a whole, and Woodward’s businesses Platinum Sculpt CoolSculpting and HydraFacial BG are some of the only businesses in the industry nationwide accepting it right now.

Bitcoin is a way for folks who may not have traditional means of payment but do have a significant Bitcoin Wallet built up to access these services. Bitcoin is becoming a popular channel for people to pay for higher-priced and luxury items, and Woodward wants people of all backgrounds and investment portfolios to feel welcome in her businesses. Learn more about Woodward and her entrepreneurial approach on her website, or through Platinum Sculpt CoolSculpting and Hydrafacial BG, to learn more about the different ways she is making the most modern technological advances available to clients.

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