It’s a Paw-Ty! Humane Society Benefit

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Dog birthday party held to raise funds for the humane society

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. -Many people treat their dogs like their child, and one family threw and entire birthday party for their handsome boy!

And get this, the party was a fundraiser for the humane society.

Dagny, a handsome golden doodle, turns two years old this week.

So, Saturday, his mommy and daddy threw him a big birthday party to help support the shelter and invited anyone to come celebrate their boy!

The fundraiser included a well known and highly regarded dog trainer, Larry Krohn.

Larry spent several hours working with aggressive or skittish pups, teaching the owners how to best handle the animal and make it more comfortable.

Erin Woodward, Dagny’s owner, said she was excited to host the event.

“We are avid pet lovers. My husband had to talk me into getting a golden doodle two years ago and now that golden doodle has a huge piece of my heart. So, I’m so into my own dog and I realize so many other dogs have been displaced. They don’t have families. They need nourishment, love, that I just wanted to step up and do something creative for the humane society,” said Woodward.

Woodward hosted the party outside of Platinum Sculpt Hydro Sculpting BG and announced that she has sold the business to a new couple.

The party raised over $1100 for the shelter.