Sydney – Couple’s Getaway

The full guide to a couple's break in Sydney

Exploring Sydney is a city break like no other. The unique location of Sydney draws thousands of tourists from across the globe each year, and it is easy to see why. The city mixes modern, romantic, and chilled vibes, which makes it an ideal retreat for couples.

As the Secret Traveller points out, Sydney also caters for adventurers looking to get their adrenaline fix. Just make sure you’re protected. The last thing you’ll want is to have to fork out a fortune on healthcare, instead of splashing the cash on your loved one.

Take the Ferry (everywhere!)

One of Sydney's unique characteristics is the water. Sydney Harbour is the largest natural harbour in the world, so Aussies are very proud of the water surrounding Sydney. Ferries are treated in the same way as an underground or metro train service; you can hop on and hop off at your own pace with an Opal Card. Enjoy views across the harbour wherever you go; there is no better way to travel on public transport in the world!

Opera Bar

The ultimate romantic drinking spot in Sydney. Sit beneath the iconic Sydney Opera House at Opera Bar with a tipple of your choice, and watch the city light up into the evening. There are spectacular views of Sydney Harbour Bridge from here, and you'll be able to relax, reminisce, and waste hours chatting in this atmospheric haven.

Manly Beach

Whether you're after a day of relaxation on a sandy beach, or a fun-filled adventure, Manly is a location that must be visited while you're in Sydney. The ferry gives you panoramic city views on the way, and Manly is the perfect spot for a swim, a surf, a wild wander, or a spot of souvenir shopping. You can even enjoy scuba diving off Manly coast to explore Australia's wealth of marine life!

Bondi to Coogee Walk

This walk is a famous Sydney attraction, and it doesn't disappoint! Discover hidden coves and breath-taking sea views along the route. Bondi Beach is a landmark: stop and admire the surfers catching waves for a while. The walk itself is manageable for all fitness levels, and you'll be able to take it at your own pace to soak up as much nature and beauty as possible.

Darling Harbour

Whether you're after lunch and an afternoon stroll, or a twilit date night, Darling Harbour is a jewel in the heart of the city. This is a great location to stay while you're in Sydney as there is a great atmosphere, from classy restaurants to unique, quirky bars. On top of that, the short ferry journey to Circular Quay in the city centre is a delight; you will encounter jaw-dropping views of Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House from the water.

Sydney has a host of treats for couples to enjoy. No matter what your interests, you'll be able to take your hobbies to their extreme and make the most of ultimate relaxation, all on the same trip! Exploring this unique and stunning city with the love of your life will be an unforgettable experience to cherish for a lifetime.

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