Woodward’s European Dining Catalog

Welcome to the Woodward’s 2017 European Dining Catalog

We’ve explored France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland & The United Kingdom and jotted down our favorite food-finds along the way.  Some are Michelin Starred establishments and some are World’s 50 Best, but many are off the beaten path. The breadth of this list ranges from tasting menus to gelato cafe’s to bars. We’ve only included the places we thoroughly enjoyed and would go back for also known as the places we’d feel confident sending you!

Our Approach

We are fans not critics of restaurants.  Sure, we have bad experiences from time to time, but you’ll never hear us say that publicly, we just won’t post about it. Our feed and blog focuses on the positive things that are working, not rants of what isn’t – the world has enough complainers! It doesn’t make sense to waste our time or yours talking about things we didn’t like.

In situations where a restaurant had an off night, out of respect for them and their life’s work, we do not shame them on social media. We show our disdain by simply not talking about our experience at all and if the experience was horrendous, we take it up directly with the establishment & chef.  We feel this is the proper and classiest approach.  If we receive a private message asking for specific feedback, we will always be honest. That being said, all of our happiest occasions are captured in each of the continent specific ‘Woodward Dining Catalogs.’ We’ve eaten at far more places than you’ll see listed.

At the end of this memoir are several links to our catalogs in other parts of the world!

Michelin Stars Denoted Throughout
♦ delineates a One Michelin Star Restaurant
♦♦ delineates a Two Michelin Star Restaurant
♦♦♦ delineates a Three Michelin Star Restaurant

Woodward’s European Dining Catalog 2017

Favorite European Restaurants 





United Kingdom

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As we continue to explore Europe, we will periodically update this catalog.


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  1. How did you manage to get a reservation at Osteria Francescana? Was it as good as all the hype?

    1. Well, good question and not easy by any means! 3 months to the exact day you wish to dine, utilize their on-line reservation system. Make sure to set a calendar reminder or timer so that you attempt at the local time in Modena Italy opposed to your location’s local time to help improve your odds of nabbing a table. It’s a very competitive and difficult reservation to confirm. Keep trying! Be flexible in your travel dates, times of eating, etc. Good luck! Happy eating! It was a most incredible meal and entirely worth the effort!!!!! XOXO E&B Woodward

    1. A Tastemaker is one who identifies forward trends, in this case, cuisine. There is an interview process with William Reed out of London, a resume is required, a survey is filled out with a series of questions and then a review of qualifications by their executive team. At this time, they are not taking additional applicants we have been told, but that could always change in the future. We are very honored and excited to be Tastemakers and hope to continue to taking others on our food journey through story-sharing and with a huge appetite! Thanks for visiting our site! With love, E&B Woodward

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