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We plan vacations around the most interesting restaurants in the world.  To aid in that process, we first consult the World’s 50 Best List to plot our biggest date night(s) of the trip.  Depending upon availability, we then move on to the Michelin Guide in conjunction with our newest obsession, the OAD list. Not every night  needs to be a big production though, so for the rest of our vacation dinner planning, we work from The Daily Meal 101. Below we’ve shared our personal favorites coast-to-coast across North America for 2017.

E.B.Woodward vetted restaurants from the 2017 Daily Meal List.

To remain current, we did not include restaurants that were previously on the list and have since fallen off.  These recommendations are specific for 2017!

#99 Roast, Detroit
#92 Bazaar Meat, Las Vegas
#88 City Grocery, Oxford
#85 Topolobampo, Chicago
#78 Estela, NYC
#72 Fearings, Dallas
#68 Bazaar, Los Angeles
#67 Rose’s Luxury, D.C.
#65 Girl & The Goat, Chicago
#57 Animal, Los Angeles
#56 Underbelly, Houston
#55 Peter Luger, Brooklyn
#54 O Ya, Boston
#48 e by Jose Andres, Las Vegas
#45 August, New Orleans
#44 Zuni Cafe, San Francisco
#41 Le Coucou, New York
#39 Spiaggia, Chicago
#37 Coi, San Francisco
#33 Minibar, Washington DC
#29 Osteria Mozza, Los Angeles
#23 Blackbird, Chicago
#07 The French Laundry, Yountville
#05 Next, Chicago
#03 Le Bernardin, NYC
#02 Daniel, NYC
#01 Alinea, Chicago

Full daily meal 101 list for 2017 here:  Meal2017

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