Antarctic Polar Plunge

When completing our visit to the 7th continent on the ‘Woodward World Tour,’ we wanted to make a lasting impact, so we teamed up with Platinum Sculpt CoolSculpting (non invasive fat freezing) and Oceanites (Antarctic Research & Conservation) to host the ultimate “Make Me Freeze” Fundraiser. All of you in favor of seeing my scrawny butt jump into the freezing cold ocean off of a glacier contributed to the cause – so, THANK YOU! But the deal was, we had to hit $2,000 USD in donations before I took the plunge. We were just shy of that, (secretly I said to myself, thank goodness!) so, I remained safely on the boat, dressed for the plunge, but headed right back in to have a hot cocoa (lame I know). Meanwhile, as to not disappoint, and for his own bragging rights, our Web Developer, Ken Toy took the plunge! Way to go Ken and Platinum Sculpt CoolSculpting. Rule #1 of Travel: Leave it Better Than You Find It!

Cheers to many more blissful journeys!