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On Life: Take risks, leave no territory unchartered, take nothing for granted and live each day on borrowed time. Memoirs on our blog aim to capture the essence of travel, fashion and dining as we explore the entire world.

Restaurant Reviews: Most people look for things not to like (critics), we look for things to love (fans).  If we've written about it, we love it, and we think you will too.

Email us anytime for honest feedback and inquiries.  We are more than happy to engage.


Our Story

We've eaten at many of the World's Best Restaurants and have spent time exploring 5 of 7 continents including Africa, Europe, North America, South America, Australia and remote destinations like Bora Bora, French Polynesia. Our plan is to visit Asia in 2018 and Antartica in 2019 thus meeting our goal of seeing the entire world.

We are so dedicated to travel and cuisine that we even published our own book "The Wanderer's Compass : Definitive Guide to International Travel"  which is a compilation of our travel hacks, tricks and best practices of over a decade.

As far as what to expect, we are husband and wife ~ 'E ' as in Erin and 'B' as in Brandon. Throughout 2017, we served as Tastemakers for The World's 50 Best Restaurants traveling with famous chefs across four continents!  We had extraordinary success with this role. Given the dynamic outcome, we have opted to relinquish our role going into 2018 in order to give other bloggers the opportunity to build momentum. We have a "pay it forward" mentality and there's plenty of room for success!

Every trip we book starts with deciding where we want to eat and then details evolve from there.  Travel already on the schedule for 2018 includes a 31-day ski trip to Vail plus a European tour across Scotland, Great Britain and Ireland eventually making our way to NYC with more North American destinations to come!

We're happy to share our insights about destination planning and cuisine, so please contact us at anytime. Thanks for visiting.

E & B

Adventure Awaits!

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